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On my recent trip to Romania I visited as many people who appear in the Hand to Mouth book as possible to give them a copy. Sadly one old lady we called in on in Oncesti had died this spring, but here beekeeper Ioan Tivadar and his wife view the book at their bee hives in Glod.

At the moment the Maramures landscape looks much the same as it always has. The old people are still making hay, picking plums and growing vegetables. Everyone we spoke to has at least one child working in Italy, Spain, France… And tractors, quad bikes and grass cutters are appearing everywhere.

The Romanian government’s interpretation of EU policy has resulted in the banning of horse and carts and hand milking of cows. No animals are to be kept within 200m of the house. If they decide to strictly implement these rules it will be the end of the family farm. No animals will mean no hay and the landscape will change forever.

We then travelled east to Bucovina where the local women specialise in the tradition of decorating blown eggs using wax and dyes in various colours. They are an essential means of securing a small income for many families who must live largely from the small piece of land on which they live.

Noah relaxes in an egg decorators house!


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Daylight magazine

A portfolio of images from Hand to Mouth has recently been published in the latest issue of Daylight magazine #7, Agriculture in U.S.

Featuring portfolios by: Michael Ableman, Wout Berger, Tessa Bunney, Jason Houston, Raoul Kramer, Eduardo Martino, Peter Menzel, Brad Phalin, Heinrich Riebesehl, Munem Wasif

Scientists are only now beginning to tell us what many traditional farmers have always known: small crops of vegetables grown in mixed plots can be produced without chemicals, more efficiently and with richer supplies of nutrients than industrially grown crops. This edition of Daylight features a diverse range of photographic representations of agricultural practice from around the world.

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England’s Cityscapes

A recent commission from the Guardian to photograph the Mainline Border Collie Centre in Bingley was published yesterday in the Guardian Weekend supplement England’s Cityscapes, a guide to weekend breaks, pp38-9

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I’m excited to announce that I am one of four North Yorkshire Artists selected to take part in phase one of Connections North, an International Residency Exchange Project in Jyvaskyla, Central Finland in October.  Organised by Art Connections ( the project involves a proposed international residency programme for four North Yorkshire artists and four Finnish artists and is supported by Arts Council England and the Finnish partner organisations.

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Welcome to my new blog where you can find out about latest projects, exhibitions and publications of my work.

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Welcome to my blog where you can find news about my latest projects, exhibitions and publications. If you would like to see an archive of past work please go to my website

Home Work will be published by Dewi Lewis in July 2010

Cover of Home Work by Tessa Bunney